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BrandRepetto offers us the scent of a star dancer

Repetto offers us the scent of a star dancer

Repetto offers us the scent of a star dancer
Repetto offers us the scent of a star dancer

The Repetto house is world famous, especially in the field of dance. It embodies the traditional know-how and the prestige made in France. Everything about her brings to mind the world of dance and irremediably transports us to the heart of her history. Also, the Repetto perfume , the house’s first perfume, is no exception to this rule. He embodies the lightness and softness of a prima ballerina and everything about him evokes the world of a classical dance ballet. He is particularly elegant and his universe is simply irresistible.

Repetto and the world of dance

Repetto is a Parisian brand founded in 1947 by Rose Repetto. Indeed, she had the idea of ​​making special dance shoes to relieve the feet of her son, Roland Repetto. This revolutionary new accessory very quickly made a name for itself and appeared to be particularly innovative. This is how the brand developed little by little by working around this flagship product, always concerned with preserving its know-how and its values ​​of yesteryear. Thus, by launching this first perfume, Repetto wished to make a nod to its main activity. Dance is omnipresent there, whether in its bottle or in its advertising. On its case, a satin ribbon signed with its tassel is delicately wrapped like a dance shoe around an ankle. It is undeniably a reference to the famous ballerina Carlotta. In addition, the powder pink color is everywhere and reminds that of the most beautiful tutus. Finally, during the production of its advertisement, Repetto called on a star in the field. Indeed, the muse of the house is none other than Dorothée Gilbert, a famous ballet dancer. She then gives us the opportunity to follow her behind the scenes of a ballet, during the final preparation… A moment when she draws her strength by spraying herself with delicately scented water signed Repetto.

The elegant scent of Repetto eau de toilette

Repetto Eau de Toilette is the result of the work of a talented perfumer, Olivier Polge. This fragrance then combines ingredients that are particularly luxurious and rich in authenticity. Its formula is very refined but no less sought after. Its sole purpose is to escape our imagination and to create emotions. Like the world of dance, Repetto eau de toilette is particularly feminine. Moreover, the color of its tender rosé juice is clearly indicative of this effect. Repetto Eau de Toilette captivates us with its authentic purity and opens with a fruity and sweet note of pear. In addition, this sensation is reinforced even more by the addition of cherry blossoms. We then smell a slight amended odor. Then, her heart exudes absolute femininity through a huge bouquet of roses. It is then illuminated with orange blossoms. Finally, the background is more woody. The story ends with vanilla and somewhat amber scents. The emotion is beautiful and very there, on edge, similar to that which adorns our body at the sight of a sumptuous ballet in the heart of the opera.

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